Wednesday, May 1, 2013

16 Weird Facts about South Korea!

Every nation has their own quirks. Behind the homogeneous population in South Korea, there are still characteristics that makes South Korea unique.

1/When there is a Korean who is wearing a hat and/or a white flu mask, he or she most likely got plastic surgery recently.

2/Most Koreans are not scared about the North Korean nuclear missile.

3/South Korea loves newspapers. Currently, South Korea has 63 prints.

4/South Korea is dominantly known to be a Christian and Buddhist country, however, most South Koreans hold no religious preference.

5/There is literally a cafe and a church everywhere!

6/DVD rooms, which are rooms where one can take friends or family to watch DVDs, are not just for watching DVDs, especially for couples. ;)

7/In (mostly) traditional buildings, there is no fourth floor. Instead of called the floor the fourth floor, Koreans rename the floor, "level f." This is more occasional in hospitals because of a rumor that most people pass away on the fourth floor.

8/South Koreans believe a lifeless electric fan kills people.
It is rumor that people pass away by having an electric fan turned on a person's face in a closed environment. The rumor is not true yet, South Koreans still believe in it. This rumor gives an advantage to electric fan companies by making more money by putting timers on electric fans.

9/Instead of air heaters, Korean apartments have heated floors.

10/Gangnam is not as expensive as what Americans think. Gangnam is a little bit more expensive than a few other places in Korea such as Namdaemun but, if the prices are converted to American dollar, then Gangnam clothes are fracking cheap! :)

11/Whatever Park Guen-hye, the first woman Korean president, promotes like handbags or lipsticks, they are all sold in a flash by old Korean women, ahjummas. This site can tell more information about that!

12/There are a ton of Saudi Arabians. Saudi Arabians come to South Korea for business in petroleum and in crude oil.

13/South Korea passively supports Africans farming for Koreans to have fruits, vegetables and other goods.

14/South Koreans sell these treats called, Kickers, when it is really a sell-out on Kit-Kats.

15/There are beggars in subway stations that act blind but when your takes out money, the beggars slowly creep to your direction.

16/It is illegal to sell Monster in South Korea because of the high sugar content in the drink.

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