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Buy the Best Korean Instant Noodles Online!

Jin Jjambbong (진짬뽕)

Jin Jjambbong Packet

Jin Jjambbong Advertisement


First Chart
The Y Value for the first chart is % of market share.
The X value is Time.
Second Chart
The Y value is Korean won.
The X value is types of instant noodle jjambbongs.
Jin Jjambbong
I swear, the whole country is eating jjambbong instant noodles. There has been reports of this ramen making record breaking sales this week!

The original jjambbong, 짬뽕, dish is a Korean Chinese spicy seafood noodles. These noodles are sold with other types of Korean Chinese dishes usually recognized from Korean Chinese deliveries.

So, I've been eating Jin Jjambbong instant noodles periodically since November. My brother first introduced me a big cardboard package of the instant noodles and all I really thought was Hong Jung Min saying this is good? Ok, sure.

I guess Hong Jung Min doesn't lie because I was surprised how great these instant noodles were. And, I haven't been the only one so surprised with its taste. The whole country is in on it too!

Just recently, Jin Jjambbong is claimed the number one ramen in South Korea by scoring 9 out of 10 by Korean ramen critics. (Yes, there is such a thing.) 

SBS (Korean TV channel) has announced that Ottogi claimed Jin Jjambbong alone had an increase of sales by 5%.

Since it's 2015 October launch, Jin Jjambbong brought jjambbong competition for other companies like Paldo and Nongshim. The diagram on the left shows the competitive market sales for Korean jjambbong instant noodles.

Jjawang Packet
On the packaging, the word, 'Jin' (진), in front of jjambbong (짬뽕) is a shortened word for "Jinjah" (진짜) which translates to "real."

The marketing for this ramen is that the taste is the same as real local jjambbong. Surprisingly, the marketing was not lying. Customers has been saying that the Jin Jjambbong tastes like the actual noodles Korean Chinese restaurants serve.

Korean Read reported, "진짬뽕은 15.3%로 1위였고, 그다음으로 농심의 맛짬뽕이 11.8%로 2위였으며 신라면은 10.2%로 3위로 밀렸다." In translation, Jin Jambbong was 15.3%, 1st place, then Mat Jambbong was in 11.8%, 2nd place, and Shin Ramen was in 10.2%, 3rd place. These statistics were done in supermarkets for over a month by customers.

The craze has started ever since the release of another pack of noodles called jjawang by Nongshim. Korea Joongang Daily has reported the result of Jjawang sales "broke records in the instant noodle market, selling 16 million packages within 50 days of its launch and 40.2 million in three months (Koo)."

I thought this ramen was great but, nothing else. However, I saw the ramen on the news with the headlines, breaking record sales, and, number one ramen in South Korea! So, it was a surprise to see such headlines on a news broadcast. 

Jin Jambbong and Jjawang are so popular that it was difficult to post cheap ramen packages since they sell so quickly. Though below are links that I found to buy Jin Jambbong for cheap domestically and internationally. 

I think if you live in heavily Asian populated neighbourhoods in America or other countries, Asian shopping marts will have this ramen in stock as well.


"What did you do to this delicious ramen?"

Jin JJambbong Links!
Click the highlighted website links and it'll send you straight to the ramen page!
Naver Pay 
130grams, 1 packet: 1,070won / Can also buy in packs and boxes
Once you sign up for the site, the site has an option for you to translate the site into English. If you signed up to be a Naver member then you get 1,100 won off.

Naver Shopping

520grams, 4 packets: 4,900won / Can also buy in boxes
Like Naver Pay, if you sign up for the site, there is an English translate option. Naver members get 1,100 won off.

520grams, 4 packets: 4,550won

Pretty English friendly, can't go wrong with Gmarket's English-friendliness.


Naver Pay
130grams, 1 packet: 1,070won / Can also buy in packs and boxes
Once you sign up for the site, the site has an option for you to translate the site into English. The site tracks your ip address and then changes the language as well. Naver members get 1,100 won off.

520grams, 4 packets, 1 box: 21,600won / Only boxes
Gmarket is English-friendly so, it'll be easier to get box shipments of Jin Jambbong.

520grams, 4packets, 1 box: 22,900won / Only boxes
For those who use Auction instead of other Korean sites, this is the the best webpage to buy Jin Jambbong.


Hopefully you will have the chance to eat the recently buzzed ramen in Korea. There have been many Korean blogs on making different types of Jin Jambbong so, you can go crazy with fresh ingredients as well. I saw many blogs of people adding boiled octopus and fresh vegetables so, try that too! 

When I ate regular classic instant noodles, I get that fatigued feeling after I'm done eating. When I tried Jin Jambbong, I didn't feel queasy. I have a strong feeling that many people will enjoy this ramen so try it and enjoy! ( >ㅅ.ㅅ)>



  한국일보,. "신라면 '굴욕'…대형마트서 ‘진짬뽕’에 1위 내줘". N.p., 2016. Web. 26 Jan. 2016.

  Koo, Hui Lyung. "Ramen Under Fire By New Noodles". N.p., 2016. Web. 26 Jan. 2016.

  Lee, Hyo sik. "Ottogi Hits Big With Sea Food-Flavored Ramyeon". koreatimes. N.p., 2016. Web. 26 Jan. 2016.,. "오뚜기 ‘진짬뽕’으로 프리미엄 짬뽕라면 점화". N.p., 2016. Web. 26 Jan. 2016.

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Best Korean Local Websites to Buy Korean Citron Tea

Citron Tea (유자차)

My citron tea small video making

Sweet and tangy, almost lemon, flavor

A cup of citron tea
* Sweet and healthy without caffeine
* Great for coughs, helps relieves sore throats, helps treat the common cold
* Helps treat fevers
* Strong fatigue reliving effect
* A ton of vitamin C
* Calcium for strong bones
* Helps relieve seasickness
* Good for the skin
* Fights against decolorization
* Strengthens blood circulation
* Strengthens digestive stimulation

* Citron tea is a bright beautiful yellow drink made by what is closely known in western countries as marmalade. Except instead of oranges, the marmalade consists of asian citron fruits called yuja. This tea is largely popular for treating the common cold, strengthening blood circulation and strong skin de-aging oxidants. The citron tea is sweet, tangy and sour taste that is served with thinly sliced pulp inside the drink with a small spoon on the side.

A simple how-to-make citron preserve
photo reel
* Yuja preserve is very simple to make. The citron marmalade is made with citron and sugar in a 1 to 1 ratio and mixed until juices turn into sticky citron jelly. The jelly is then incased in a glass jar with two cups of sugar on the top. The jelly is then preserved for two to three months. On the left is a link of a simple how-to-make citron preserve photo reel.

* Korean food blog, Agrafood, stated the citron fruit is grown mainly in Korea, Japan and China but out of the three, Korean citron fruits are named to be the best high quality fruits (Chae). The blog further states that since the late 2000s, its exports have been increasing by 15-20 percent every year. There has been increasing popularity in the United States, Japan, other Asian countries but, mostly China. Although, China does export most of Korean grocery flee markets so, it's difficult to buy great yuja unless you live around the same area as the yuja farms. However, I listed below for Korean citron fruits and pre-made Korean citron marmalade.

A Korean Citron Regular Eater

Lee Soon Hae eating a air-dried citron slice
* Above is a woman who eats citron as a health benefit for her weak neck. Below is an English translation of this original video which you can click here.

English Translation of the Original Video
* Ever since she was young, a local Korean, Lee Soon Hae, was telecasted on MBN (Korean channel) for having a neck highly susceptible to neck colds and diseases. She also had a weak body since she was little where she had lots of fevers. She exercises her throat by playing the drums and singing. However, the true health benefit is the citron fruit she eats. How she takes care of herself is by her drying the fruit into a cracker and eating it daily. The first doctor claims that the yuja is rich in vitamin C and strengthens blood circulation which is helpful for colds. He further states the smell from the fruit also helps the coughing.

* Instead of just air-drying the skin of the fruit, the Korean lady makes yuja cracker slices. She first cleans and cuts the fruit into slices. She heats up a pan with a baking sheet on top where she lies the slices. There, she fries the slices and then air-dries the slices. She says the taste is better and the nutrition is packed inside the citron once air-dried. She eats the citron like a cracker or makes a tea out of it. In addiction to dried citron, she adds black tea leaves, dried ginseng, dried matrimony vine and ginger. The second doctor claims that those who have fevers regularly should drink yuja tea. For those who regularly have a cold body, adding ginger will help blood circulation in the body. He brings caution to the fact that those who have lots of diarrhoea, a feverish body or a cold body shouldn't drink a ton of yuja tea at once because of the citron's acidity.


Different Ways to Prepare Korean Citron

* The citron fruit is simply a healthy sweetener. Since the tea is largely popular in Korea, there are different ways to drink citron tea without the fruit being a preserve. Citron tea was originally served hot but the tea can also be served cold. Below is a simple citron cocktail video.

Honey citron with Korean pear cocktail

* You can also serve the citron preserve in a mojito.

A citron tea mojito recipe

* The ingredients are mint, tonic water, ice and citron preserve. (The bottle says fried yuja preserve but, it doesn't matter if the citron is fried or not.) You can find the original video here.

* The citron doesn't need to be in a preserve in order to make citron tea. Below is a video on how to make fried yuja tea without making a citron preserve and how to make hot yuja green tea.

English Translation for Fried Citron Tea (흑유차)
1) The yuja is cleaned in water with a spoon of flour to clean up the fruit nicer from pesticides.
2) The fruits are taken onto a stir fry pan. The fruits need to be fried black for two to three hours. If you lay the fruit on the pan without flipping the fruit, the citron would explode. So every ten to fifteen minutes, flip the fruits around until they are nice and black.
3) Once cooled down, you can simply toss the fruit inside a pot of water and let the tea brew.

English Translation for Fried Citron Tea (유자단차)
1) The yuja is cleaned in water with a spoon of flour to clean up the fruit nicer from pesticides.
2) Cut the top piece of the fruit.
3) Scoop the insides out and squeeze the insides onto a stir fry pan.
4) Fry the juices with green leaves for three minutes.
5) Put in the fried green tea leaves into the citron carcass.
6) Put the top piece of the fruit back on.
7) Put the fruit inside a steam pot for three minutes.
8) Lay the fruit inside a pot of water and boil for five minutes.

*Citron preserve is a sweeter, afterall. The sweeter can be used in meals too. Below is a video on Korean stir fried chicken with citron preserve.

Korean Flavored Chicken with Citron Preserve Recipe
English Translation
* Chicken breast (400g)
* Thinly sliced green onions (2 tablespoons)
* Soy Sauce (6 tablespoons)
Korean Seasoned Alcohol (4 tablespoons, optional)
* Thinly sliced garlic (1 tablespoon)
* Seasame oil (1 tablespoon)
* Pepper (1 teaspoon)
* Citron Preserve (3 tablespoons) (The bottle says fried citron preserve but, you don't need it)

1) Slice chicken breasts into small chunks.
2) In a separate bowl, mix green onions, soy sauce, Korean seasoned alcohol, garlic, pepper and citron preserve. Mix well.
3) Add the raw chicken breasts in the mixture and mix well.
4) On a hot pan, pour the chicken mixture. Move around the chicken and the sauce every minute. The sugar can easily burn so move the sauce around well.


Where to Buy Online
The citrons and citron preserves are all from South Korea.
Shopping Dictionary:
유자: Citron
유자차: Citron Tea
유자청: Citron Marmalade
꿀유자차: Honey Citron Tea
뽁유자차: Fried Citron Tea
국내산: Domestic Food (Otherwise Food from Korean Farmers or Sea)
중국산: Chinese grown food
날짜: Date
선물: Gift
세트: Set (ex. Gift set)

If you're going to the market, I recommend Youja Tea.
Auction (You can also buy Youja Tea here)
Gmarket (Honey and Citron Preserve, 3rd option)
Gmarket (Citron only Preserve, 2015)
Tmon (Citron Preserve only, 2kg)
0808 (All the others are high quality and cheap citron marmalades. However, this site is focuses on getting the best domestic fruits, seafood, meats and more. If you can read some Korean, I recommend this site to buy food online. This is two 800mg bottles of marmalade. The prices go way up: the more bottles you buy. This site is really great for gifts as well.)
Emart (Citron Hagen Dazs ice cream!)

Citron fruit: (1.23.2016)
***Please read if you are considering on buying the citron fruit***: Buying fruits online is a big deal because freshness is a huge factor. Korea has a reputation for buying fruits in its seasons and has a reputation for genetically modified fruits. Homemade citron marmalades can go up to one hundred dollars or more. I did my best to find cheap domestic citron. However, buying citron on your own is better because of the dates stamped on the packaging. I suggest checking Tmon every fall or winter for the best citron. Tmon runs out of their fruit quickly because their fruit has a high quality reputation. I will try updating the sites every few months. But anyways, happy shopping! ( \^o^)/

Auction (This post doesn't close down so, you can buy it whenever) (This site is the best English-friendly site I could find for the fruit as well)
Wemakeprice (Hurry because this is in season and sale ends soon!) (There is 3kg and 5kg, 1st option is 3kg and 2nd option is 5kg)
Interpark (These are the type of citrons farmers take extra care of. Fruits that farmers take extra care of tastes and is better. If you have the money, buying pricier fruits is a good investment.) (This is also pretty English-friendly)
0808 (This is only the citron fruit from this site)

I checked Amazon for Korean citron preserves but, they are as expensive as forty dollars. I suggest these sites to buy your citron preserves.
Yazu+ (Different types of citron preserves)
11st (Citron only preserve, from Jeju island, 1st option) (2nd option is Jeju tangerine marinade also great for tea)
Gmarket (Citron only preservative, 1st option)
Gmarket (Honey Citron preservative only, 1st option)


* So that's it! I hope you get the chance to drink citron tea. It is such a relaxing and sweet tea best for this cold winter.  I believe the taste is friendly to any country so, give it a try! The health benefits are amazing for such a sweet and modest tea. If you have any questions on Korean citron tea or any other Korean teas, comment or email me! 📩


Bibliography:,. "Citron Tea Is Easy To Make". N.p., 2015. Web. 17 Jan. 2016.

 복음자리 숙성유자차 - 데리야끼 유자소스 닭구이 레시피. Naver Tvcast: Home Cafe Bokum Jari, 2016. video.

  Chae, Ria. "Let’S Change To Organic Citron Tea!". N.p., 2016. Web. 17 Jan. 2016.

  "천기 누설". MBN, 2016. TV programme.

  Lee, Yoon Jin. "Nutritional Benefits Of Korean Citron Tea". General Mings - the delicious dynasty. N.p., 2013. Web. 17 Jan. 2016.

  "오늘아침". MBC, 2016. TV programme.

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6 English-friendly Korean Clothing Sites

***Hello everyone! If you are new to buying Korean clothing, please read my personal notice.***

Bongja (#4)
Twin Look: $20.27USD

Hotping (#5)
Just One (#1)

* Korean clothes are usually small for non-Asians. Remember that measurement is key and the shoe measurement in Korea is different from anywhere else. Of course measurements vary so remember clothing is in the imperial system. Free size clothing may not work in America but, in Korea free size does work because women body shapes are generally similar. If you have big hips, be aware of them while shopping for pants. Accessories like rings may be too small for many ladies so look out for the ring sizes as well. Please find your shoe size on this website.

Shopping tips in review:
  • Measurements vary so consider them greatly
  • Shoe sizes are different from the imperial and American system
  • Free size also varies greatly
  • Accessory sizes can also vary as well
* I don't have Gmarket on this list because I don't like shopping in Gmarket. Gmarket is pretty expensive compared to other personal fashion businesses. There are cheaper sites like Tmon or 11st, so Gmarket doesn't make sense to shop online for locals. Tmon and 11st are local sites which means they don't do international shipping. If you haven't heard of Gmarket, I know Gmarket can be a good site for foreigners so do try surfing there too.

* However, the sites below are more of personal businesses. Supporting more local businesses really help further independent fashion in Korea so please do take these websites into good consideration. Please do comment or send emails if you want more recommendations as these are a few that I thought were English friendly. If you want me to do a similar blog on Korean cosmetics or Korean fashion magazines, please dont be afraid to comment or email me! As a further a do, here are six English-friendly Korean clothing sites! ^_^


Cade Polar Knit: 29,800won
Alia Frillneck One Piece: 57,900won

1/ JustOne

* This website has a ton of knit clothing. A lot of them are sweaters with some turtlenecks and there are nice knit dresses. The colors are all neutral and pastel to bring a simple and chic tone. The dresses are formal and vintage which does reflect on the vintage theme Koreans like nowadays.

* I find the clothes soft and great for fall, winter and spring. Their pants are also nice for autumn and spring. The prices are fair as sweaters are around 20,000 won and coats are around 60,000 won. Also, their membership comes with a free three dollar coupon to their clothing. Remember to click the American or Chinese flag on the header on the left!


Cutout Front Flare Dress: $49.00USD
Floral Crochet Shift Dress: $49.00USD
Tie-Neck Long Sleeve Dress: $33.USD
Sleeveless Mermaid Dress: $63.00USD
Flare-Sleve Black Mini Dress: $84.00USD

2/ Dahong

* This website has more designers that make the website feel more active. The clothes range from vintage, conservative, edgy and casual. This website is great for looking at makeup and swimwear as well. I don't know about their bags but their accessories are simple and cute. I personally love their skirts, they have very unique skirts each different and beautiful. This website is majorly English and Chinese friendly. They have a few articles for foreigners on Korean pop and fashion. If you want to see their own fashion styles, Dahong also has their own styles you can have fun viewing too. They also make celebrity picks pages where you can look through famous Korean celebrities and their fashion choices.

* Keep in mind that some clothes might seem pricy but the reason why online shoppers love this site is because of the great quality. Try investing in a nice dress or cute tops to wear for a longer time than cheaper clothes.

Dahong has it's measurements page so do look at this page!
Also, this website has it's own shipping page that will come very handy when you're checking out.

I urge you to check this website out!



Marsha Knit: $42.39USD
Melody MTM Tree: $50.39USD
Noff Turtleneck Long Knit: $28.79USD
November V Knit: $63.99USD

3/ Kooding

Hurry they are having a 20% winter sale right now!

* Chinese friendly as well, Kooding is a website with a collection of small personal fashion businesses. On the right bar you can scroll to see a handful of small businesses. They all have their own styles so check them out. The layout of this website is similar to other popular wholesale websites like Gmarket but this website is more friendly for domestic businesses to sell internationally. The shipping is free and the returning is free as well so don't hesitate on coats or shoes. Personally, I love Envystyle because of the pants they have. The quality and the lining feels great to wear and amazingly comfortable.

* There are also cosmetics that aren't personal businesses. I know Face Shop is very popular for being a Korean makeup brand. If you haven't tried the store's cosmetics, I urge you to try them. I do like their lipsticks and eyeliners! Although if you already have Face Shop cosmetics, try the other three brands that the website offers. Korean makeup is majorly different for different stores so, getting experimental with their makeup is fun as well!

Kooding also has measurement charts for all their clothing categories, so use them to your advantage!


Fuzzy ball Flats
Set Christmas piece
Plaid Dress: $49.05USD

4/ Bongja

* Also Chinese friendly, Bongja sells bright and cut clothes. They range from cute and formal dresses to casual bright clothes. The skirts and pants are all layers nicely with great material. Some dresses are free size, which you should check to see on the bottom if they fit. The designers for this shop makes fancy Asian dolly outfits that I really love. All the shoes and bags are alluring; I especially love how classy the shoes look. Overall, the clothes on this site look fun while maintaining a charming style to each clothing.

* They also sell their own cosmetics called DD'iell. I haven't used their products before but my friend uses the Intense Moisture Skin Lotion and her skin is flawless.


Buddy One Piece: $34.72USD
Vita One Piece: $34.72USD
My Muse Knit: $41.72USD
Optimus One Piece: $33.72USD
Desian Pants: $43.62USD
Melody Corset Underwear: $19.32 USD
Sexy Top Corset: $13.72USD
Dark Knight Corset Panties: $15.32USD
Highlight Girdle: $15.12USD

5/ Hotping

* This site is one of my favorites. Also Chinese friendly, Hotping makes the most comfortable pants and leggings. The designers try to make their pants as stretchy as possible to make the most comfort. I would invest in a good pair of leggings and long socks from this shop.

* Their clothing range from light hiphop, beautifully fancy, classy doll and casual chill wears. You can explore and make your own outfits on this website without worrying about comfort.

* My unnis really love the corset underwear on this site. Their hips look astounding over clothing and when you plainly look at the lacing, the corsets are beautiful as well as cheap! The second corset shown above would also be great for newly weds.

If you want to look chill on one day and the next damn sexy, this is the site to get all that!



Neoprene Pants Cut Banding (4th Stock): $33.37USD
Brushed Cameo Hooded Zipper Pocket (18th Restocking): $39.16USD
Washington Brushed Slim Skinny Jeans (4th Stock): $33.37USD
Doug Frayed Brushed Hoodie: $38.00USD
Line Color Pattern Cardigan: $73.20USD
Flare Mini Knit Dress: $57.81USD
Bust Pocket Denim Southern: $34.64USD
Two Pockets Long Tweed Dress: $46.23USD

Wool Slip-on Point: $57.12USD
Round Nose Rabbit Sneakers: $46.23USD

/6 Gaenso

* With over 2000 members, Gaenso is fabulously chic and casual at the same time. I think that the lining and patterns on this site are unique and worth checking out.

* The coats are cheaper than some other shops listed on this post. The coats have nice lining as well as warmth when it comes to the autumn and winter seasons.

* The hooded sweatshirts are casual and popular amongst locals in Seoul. I think the ripped pants are nice and placed thoughtfully around the legs. The accessories are classy and chic especially, the rings and bracelets. For those who love simple rings and bracelet sets, this site is for you! The shoes are unique but perfect to dress casual to simply hangout with your friends or running into the grocery store.

For those who do not fit the free sizes, there is an option on this site to buy 77-88 sizes.

If you want more information on their shop, click on this shopping guide.


* So that's it! I hope these websites are useful and get you the right clothes to have you feel beautiful. I love showing new Korean bits and pieces to foreigners so, if you want more websites or more things fine in Korean fashion, please do not hesitate to comment or email me!

* Enjoy exploring and have a great day! ( \^-^)/ *

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Hanu yukhae (한우육회-raw beef)

Han-u yukhoe is a beef dish where the meat is like eating raw fish. It tastes cool and delectable and enjoyable in this pre-summertime. The dish also comes with sliced pear which makes the fish taste even more fresh.

Around gyeonggi-dong, I recommend the Suwon king galbi (수원왕갈비) place. It is around the Job center Korea and a map will be given below.

If you like this then make sure to give this post a huge like and I will show you more awesome Korean food!

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16 Weird Facts about South Korea!

Every nation has their own quirks. Behind the homogeneous population in South Korea, there are still characteristics that makes South Korea unique.

1/When there is a Korean who is wearing a hat and/or a white flu mask, he or she most likely got plastic surgery recently.

2/Most Koreans are not scared about the North Korean nuclear missile.

3/South Korea loves newspapers. Currently, South Korea has 63 prints.

4/South Korea is dominantly known to be a Christian and Buddhist country, however, most South Koreans hold no religious preference.

5/There is literally a cafe and a church everywhere!

6/DVD rooms, which are rooms where one can take friends or family to watch DVDs, are not just for watching DVDs, especially for couples. ;)

7/In (mostly) traditional buildings, there is no fourth floor. Instead of called the floor the fourth floor, Koreans rename the floor, "level f." This is more occasional in hospitals because of a rumor that most people pass away on the fourth floor.

8/South Koreans believe a lifeless electric fan kills people.
It is rumor that people pass away by having an electric fan turned on a person's face in a closed environment. The rumor is not true yet, South Koreans still believe in it. This rumor gives an advantage to electric fan companies by making more money by putting timers on electric fans.

9/Instead of air heaters, Korean apartments have heated floors.

10/Gangnam is not as expensive as what Americans think. Gangnam is a little bit more expensive than a few other places in Korea such as Namdaemun but, if the prices are converted to American dollar, then Gangnam clothes are fracking cheap! :)

11/Whatever Park Guen-hye, the first woman Korean president, promotes like handbags or lipsticks, they are all sold in a flash by old Korean women, ahjummas. This site can tell more information about that!

12/There are a ton of Saudi Arabians. Saudi Arabians come to South Korea for business in petroleum and in crude oil.

13/South Korea passively supports Africans farming for Koreans to have fruits, vegetables and other goods.

14/South Koreans sell these treats called, Kickers, when it is really a sell-out on Kit-Kats.

15/There are beggars in subway stations that act blind but when your takes out money, the beggars slowly creep to your direction.

16/It is illegal to sell Monster in South Korea because of the high sugar content in the drink.